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Hallow’s School For The Dead

A young boy attends a school for ghosts, where wise spirits prepare him for a very bright destiny—
to save all of existence from the coming Darkness.

When Chase Lucas and his friends "The Seekers" embark on a school field trip up Shadow Mountain, their fated bus crashes off of a steep cliff. A short time later, Chase awakens to find that they are soaring on their phantom-bus through an endless mist ever upward toward a brilliant light. Unfortunately, the Dark One's forces have been lying in wait all along...And his gloomy minions soon capture their bus -- dragging them all down into the depths of Darkness.

But before they are delivered to The Dark One, twelve ghostly orbs with uncanny powers come to their aid. After a clash of Light versus Dark, the luminous spirits, with more than a little help from Chase and The Seekers, defeat the menacing forces of Darkness and successfully rescue the kids from their "Dark" dooms. Back on course for the bright star above, the glowing beings lead the Eerie Creak Phantom's school bus up out of the Gloom to the otherworldly Land of the In-Between -- where they escort them to a haunting castle set atop an immense crystal mountain, riding weightlessly on a boundless sea of clouds -- directly underneath The Light.

Once at the castle, Chase and the Seekers will meet Hallow, Giana and the other mystical beings that serve as the faculty and staff at Hallow's School for the Dead. Now with a full slate of ghost classes, Chase, his friends will spend the next six years developing their newfound spirit abilities, while, all along, contending with the shadowy forces of The Dark One, ever bent on returning existence to eternal Darkness.

With the In-Between growing murkier every year, Hallow and the rest of the school's teachers and staff must hasten to prepare The One to meet his foretold destiny:
To save all of existence from ---
the Darkening...before it's too late!
But is Chase, a puny, wheezy kid with a bad case of asthma and self-doubt, truly The One from the ancient Wraithian Prophecy...




Hallow's School For The Dead

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